Monday, August 8, 2016

Chaayos, Sector 18, Noida eateries (Cafe)

Chaayos, Garden Galleria Mall, Sector 18, Noida eateries.

If you ask me, my experience in Chaayos, I'm very much disappointed with the taste and with the wee Menu options. The taste was not even parallel to few roadside "Tapriwala's". No Chaai was that great to be sipped again, be it salaimani or Kulhad one.

For Vada Pao or Keema Pao, I would rather suggest "Goli ka Vada Pao" over Chaayos.

But still if you wish to visit there, go for ambiance, it's good.

Chaayos Sector 18, Noida eateries.
Chaayos Sector 18, Noida eateries.

Chaayos Sector 18, Noida eaterie
Chaayos Sector 18, Noida eateries


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